We are successfully running an NGO named VIKLANG SAHARA SAMITI DELHI. I am sending you a brief introduction of our organization Viklang Sahara Samiti Delhi.

Viklang Sahara Samiti Delhi (VSSD) is a non-Government organization working for the welfare and education of the persons with disabilities (PwDs ) and youth from the marginalized and economically weaker sections of the society since 1994. VSSD has observed while working at ground that most of the persons with disabilities in the society were not able to get even the basic facilities offered by the Central / State government. Therefore, VSSD has established under the Society Act and became a social organization in December 1994 as a non-profits organization to support and fulfill the needs of peoples with disabilities in the society. This support is in terms of Basic Education, Skill Training, Vocational Training and Placement etc. VSSD has successfully implemented its projects and goal orientated Programs for help to the persons with disabilities of all the types.

VSSD ensures providing opportunities to every PwDs and underprivileged youth irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, religion, status etc. provided with quality Vocational Training and proper guidance in an appropriate environment for their overall growth. Recently, our Vocational Training Centers are reaching towards their respective targets of providing committed services to PwDs and we do have the aim to empower them socially and economically through gainful employment. For that we are still making our efforts to build skills through Vocational Training to students of the rural as well as the slum areas of Delhi and NCR.

We are working especially for the welfare, betterment for the person with disability and Underprivileged youths. We are working on Skill Development training for Persons with Disabilities and underprivileged youth, after the successful completion of training, we refer these candidates for job placement. We are also Providing Aids/Appliances, Guidance counseling for Person with Disabilities. About the types of PWD, we are working for multiple types of PWDs that include Orthographically Handicapped (OH), Hearing and Speech Impairment (HSI) and Visually Impaired(VI). But maximum no. of candidates are Orthographically Handicapped and qualifications of the candidates are matriculation and above even Up to Post Graduate. I would look forward for possible collaboration in reaching out to the PWDs for greater reach and ensuring their sustainable livelihoods.