1. CULTURAL EVENT: With the advent of time, art has found a special place in relation to cultural, creative and artistic expression, which on its own is a powerful way to develop our cultural identities. History is witness to the fact that people have always come together to sing, dance and music. VSSD thus aims provide the opportunity to PwDs to showcase their hidden talent by this Cultural event.
  2. WORKSHOP CONFERENCE : People with disabilities face poverty and unemployment at more than twice the rate of people without disabilities. And economic injustice is just the tip of the iceberg. We will review some of the latest news and resources, practice articulating theological calls for justice, and brainstorm advocacy strategies.
    Goals and Learning Objectives

    • To provide an overview of some current issues in disability rights.
    • To introduce the idea of accountable partnerships.
    • To discuss avenues for congregational and member involvement.
  3. TALENT HUNT : ‘‘Break down the barriers and celebrate ability’ VSSD believes and wishes to reinforce the deeper meaning behind words and organize a talent hunt for person with disabilities. It could be a fiction drama, dance, singing and music etc.
  4. ESSAY COMPETITION : The essay writing competitions are organized for developing knowledge and motivating the masses to reflect and retrospect on a particular topic. The essay competition is also crucial for the young generation to explore their thoughts & imagination and develop their understanding of a particular topic. Through these essay competitions, students will enhance their thinking ability and problem-solving skills, which is important for the development of our Nation. The track record associated with these competition proves that lots of solutions for National issues are arise through these competitions.
  5. DRAWING COMPETITION : An exclusive drawing competition that offers students, youngsters an opportunity to showcase their creativity on the large scale. They can share their creative work with a wider audience.
  6. JOB FAIR : The two-day job fair begins with our AGP program. Around 100 companies are expected to participate in the job fair to fill thousands of vacancies. Candidates who are interested to participate need to enroll themselves and choose companies according to their educational qualification. The job fair timings are from 10 am to 5 pm.
  7. EXHIBITION CUM SALE : With a view of providing sustainable marketing support to sell the items produced by persons with disabilities, Exhibition-cum-Sale is being organized by VSSD to provide them either table space or stalls. They will get an opportunity to sell their products with minimum sales expenditure and get an experience of establishing long term linkages with buyers.
  8. FOOD STALLS : VSSD offer many wonderful and delicious food choices through the multifarious food Stalls.
  9. MEHANDI STALL : On any Indian occasion Mehandi is considered as the most important element in females’ beauty and makeup. Mehandi not only increase the beauty of the women of any age group but also marks the love for newlyweds and even single females for that matter. That’s why VSSD has arranged a separate Mehandi stall especially for females.